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Alfa Tips

Alfa Tips

This page is not a workshop manual nor a tech library. After years of living with the 75, I feel I'm, qualified to offer a few helpful pieces of advice.The following are just some easy "tips" for Alfa 75 enhancement. Most of these cost little or no money and sometimes little time.
Proceed at your own risk!!!!!.

  Easy Aftermarket wheel enhancement. If you have aftermarket wheels on your Alfa, you'll find that proper Alfa center caps are hard to come by. There is a solution. Buy Four 55 mm early GTV6 rear badges, these fit the center cap diameter of most wheels perfectly. Cut out the outside retaining ring off the badges, apply a little super glue and your wheels now have that factory look!

  Customize your handling This goes for any car. Tire pressure can greatly influence your car's behaviour, generally higher pressures ( above manufacturer recommended) will reduce grip at any given end of the car, So if your car understeers a little, slighter higher front and slightly lower rear pressures will partially compensate, if the car oversteers try the opposite. This is a fine tuning tool to dial in your hopefull already tuned suspension.

  Fix for that sticking sunroof If your sunroof needs a little "encouragement" to close, here's what to do: disconnect each of the sunroof prop rods that run along the track with a screwdriver. you'll notice they may bit bent downwards a bit, straighten them out, but resist the temptation to over-bend them. Instead wrap them with some teflon or eletrical tape to increase their thickness, next slip some haet shrink tubing around the rods and heat them. Your rods are now thicker and your sunroof will no longer stick.