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Alfa Tips

Launched in May 1985
to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Alfa Romeo. Based on the Alfetta transaxle system, first employed in the type 158 Alfetta GP car, and using Dedion rear suspension in unit with integral transaxle, clutch and inboard braking sytem in order to offset the front mounted engine and provide ideal weight distribution.The 75 was initially offered with 1.6, 1.8 and 2.5 V6 engines, a Turbo diesel soon followed.

Versions initially available are: 1.6 (1570cc, 110hp@5800rpm, 180kph) 1.8 (1779cc, 120hp, 190kph) 2.0 (1962cc, 128hp, 195kph) 2.0 TD (1995cc, 95hp, 175kph, turbodiesel) 2.5 Quadrifoglio Verde (6 Cylinders,2492cc, 156hp, 210kph)

The 1.8 Turbo joins the 75 range: it's a 1.8 liter based on the classic Alfa twin cam but with equipped with Intercooled Garrett T3 turbo and Bosch L-2 Jetronic EFI). Performance figures are 155hp, 210kph, 0-100kph in 7.7sec. Externally, it differs from other 75s with larger fenders and wheels Interiors are the same as the 2.5 QV. In 1986, the 75 is launched in the U.S as the Milano (reasons for this name change are not completely known or agreed upon). It has the 2.5 V6 engine which offers 154hp, with a top speed of 205kph. This Milano is imported in 3 versions: Quadrifoglio Argento, Quadrifoglio Oro, Quadrifoglio Platino. Later comes the Quadrifoglio Verde which added a 3. 0